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Windows 2012 compatibel

All functions of the tsadmin.msc for Windows 2012 available

RD Admin Pro Bewertung auf topshareware.com


  • Review the sessions
  • Disconnect the sessions
  • Log off the sessions
  • Send messages to sessions
  • Send questions to the session
  • Server shutdown, restart, etc.
  • Add Domains and search for terminal servers
  • Add machines manually
  • Create your own groups
  • Overview of all processes of a server or session
  • Kill processes
  • Built-in Remote Desktop Client
  • Server information by clicking (hardware, operation systems, disk space)
  • Automatic program update for extensions

Clear User Interface

Alternative zu tdadmin.msc

Installation requirements

RD Admin Pro runs on all Windows computers with installed .NET Framwork 4.0. There is no need for PowerShell. Some of the features will only work with appropriate user permissions.

Download full version (V1.0.0.0)

15 days testversion without license

Domain, session, group actions

all functions of tsadmin under Windows 2012

Session actions

Managing Terminals Server sessions

Process Overview

Showing Processes of your running terminal session

Server information

Showing server informations of your terminal server

Integrated Remote Client

Integretated remote desktop client

Send messages and questions

communicate with your terminal server user

only 29.00€ per user (RD Admin Pro user)

(23,49 € without VAT)

RD Admin Logo RD Admin

 Windows 2012 compatibel

Manage your remote connections for your terminalserver

alternate for tsadmin.msc

With Windows 2012, the tsadmin.msc no longer delivered. With RD Admin you can see existing connections again and quit. The program is backward compatible to Windows Server 2000.

RD Admin is ligtweight

RD Admin is only one exe file with a size of 69kbytes. But be sure that you have .net 4.0 installed on youre machine to run it.

only 9.00 € per installation

(7,29 € without VAT)

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